Über uns

We are a leading provider of yoga equipment and products (retail and wholesale) for the yoga community of Europe.

We sell yoga equipment such as: yoga props, yoga bolsters (small and large), yoga blocks, yoga belts or straps, yoga mats, cotton blend yoga blankets, organic cotton yoga blankets and organic cotton pranayama cushions or pillows.

We also sell a large range of meditation equipment and products (wholesale and retail) such as eco meditation cushions (organic kapok), locally made meditation cushions, Zen products (Zafus and Zabutons), meditation timers, meditation shawls, lavender and linseed eye pillows, silk eye bags and meditation gongs. As well as there is a large range of yoga clothes and more...

As one of Germany’s premiere online yoga stores, NAKSH UG (haftungsbeschränkt) aim to provide quality yoga products at reasonable prices.


At NAKSH we’re passionate about promoting sustainable healthy living for you and your family whether you do yoga or some other form of physical or mental health practice. Therefore, we work hard to source a showcase of quality, sustainable and ethical products for the home, school, workplace and even for the holidays.


It is our vision that Yogi mudra will be your number one choice for information on quality, sustainable and ethical products and services.

We aim to:

  • Generate interactive social exchange to provide education and knowledge.
  • Bring up to date information from the global health conscience community.
  • Connect a community of like-minded people to support and encourage healthy living.

Your life is your practice