What should you wear while practising yoga

Yoga is the most beautiful thing that can ever happen to anyone. But to step into this attractive world of asana and pranayama, we have to be very particular about yoga hygiene. Hatha yoga pradipika and many other texts talk about hygiene at length. Keeping yourself clean; mentally and physically, internally and externally is very important.

Have you come across any doctor who is shabby and unhygienic? No! Same is the case with people practising yoga. They are very mindful about what they wear to how they should live. Let us see what should you wear while practising yoga-

Speaking of clothing, in today’s world especially the next  Gen Z are under the impression that wearing tight-fitted, body-hugging are aesthetically appealing clothes and are very important if they are doing Yoga. This is a misconception, and it is spreading like fire in the jungle.

I once covered the blooming bundle of spinach leaves with a synthetic, plastic bag. I kept it in the refrigerator, but still, it got crumpled. This happened because it didn’t get proper breathing space. A similar thing happens with our body. By performing yoga in an air-conditioned room or under a fan wearing uncomfortable can hamper the practice and the benefits.

Asana and pranayama are all about freedom; free movements in body’s internal and external parts, easy exchange of gases happening to its fullest, blood flowing and reaching to every cell freely, breathing of skin and the list is endless. Thus to get the maximum benefit we have to be very vigilant in what we wear.

The most important one is, wearing loose fitted clothes. It allows your skin to breathe and sweat. A very important process to remove toxins from your body. Such clothes will not hinder in blood circulation, and eventually, each cell in your body will be flourished with nutrients, hormones, and oxygen. One needs to stay healthy and hygienic. Loose fitting will make sure freedom in the movement while performing asana or pranayama.

Thus it is important to wear cotton clothes. Cotton material will keep your body cool. Body temperature is maintained to the optimum. It will not bring any kind of rashes or allergies to your skin creating a perfect environment for your body.

The more your skin is exposed to air the better it is for your skin. Sweat glands will freely release the sweat, keeping your body free from toxins. In addition to that one more advantage is the maintenance of body temperature.

To make it even more specific, white cotton clothes works the best while practising yoga. Thus, it will create a calming and peaceful environment.

Try to perform one session by wearing loose, white and cotton clothes and experience it yourself. You will feel the difference and get deeper into the practice of yoga.

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